Accelerate clinical research with data x AI
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AICURA provides a data x AI platform designed to accelerate and de-risk clinical research in healthcare and the life sciences. The AICURA Platform streamlines aggregating, curating, and exploring data, and offers foundational models that expedite the development of medical AI Solutions.
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Stay ahead with AI Solutions for your drug development challenges

The AICURA platform connects biopharma, hospitals, researchers, and remote data providers using its powerful data x AI technology. Leveraging a graph data layer and federated learning, the platform enables the development of versatile AI foundational models. With these models, our customers can develop a wide range of AI Solutions to future-proof their clinical programs.

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Our Approach

Get your clinical data AI ready

We provide you with an interoperable graph-based data layer and an intuitive user interface that allows you to easily access, query, and visualize all of your data. Our machine-learning approaches streamline data curation and ensure data quality, eliminating the need for data engineering.

Access data across organizations

AI Solutions require lots of data, which is often spread across organizations. We leverage a federated data layer and learning to expand the volume of data available for the development of AI solutions, all while protecting your IP, ensuring data privacy, and eliminating the costs of centralizing the data.

Deploy a wide range of AI Solutions

We offer foundational AI models in different therapeutic areas. These incorporate complex multimodal inputs and outputs and even handle unlabeled data. Our flexible foundational models serve as the base for the development of a wide range of medical AI Solutions with minimal effort and in a scalable way.

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Our Platform

Data Layer

Graph-based to ensure high performance even for complex queries and to integrate medical knowledge.
Intuitive user interface that leverages LLMs and NLP to improve the user experience.
Distributed architecture to ensure data privacy & security.

AI Engine

Foundational models to create a wide range of medical AI Solutions.
Ready-to-use AI development kit that enables development at scale.
Federated learning to maximize data usage, while protecting privacy.

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The AICURA platform enables you to create collaborative data ecosystems that are aligned with your business goals. It can help expand data access across organizations, accelerate clinical drug development, enable precision medicine, and build marketplaces based on federated clinical data and machine learning applications.


Gain access to AI ready complex clinical data to inform key steps of clinical development.


Leverage AI foundational models to deploy AI Solutions to improve the productivity of clinical programs at scale.


Unlock next-generation insights from your data to improve the efficiency of clinical research workflows.


Built with the highest standards of data safety and security to respect strict data governance rules.

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