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Increasingly biopharma companies are leveraging data and imaging with AI to predict patient response, identify ideal candidates for clinical studies, detect at-risk patients, and accelerate drug development. This approach reduces costs, improves outcomes, and speeds up drug approval.

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Use Cases


Our ML-based methods automate brain tissue segmentation and lesion quantification, to extract surrogate imaging biomarkers for improved disease diagnosis, patient selection, and accurate and objective evaluation of treatment effectiveness in clinical trials.

Feasibility Studies

Our data integration and harmonization across sites make it possible to automate the assessment of the feasibility of your trial across multiple clinical sites and registries. This targeted, data-driven approach saves significant time and personnel effort.

Cohort Identification

Our ML-based methods enable the use of complex multimodal data to help you determine the right patient cohort for your treatment. We do this through advanced analytics that enables accurate disease classification and prediction models.


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