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We are on a mission to improve patient outcomes by revolutionizing clinical drug development through a dynamic, secure, and collaborative data ecosystem.​

Our Story

AICURA is a leading data and AI company with a focus on healthcare and life sciences. With a mission to enhance patient outcomes, AICURA has built a secure and collaborative data and AI ecosystem. The AICURA platform simplifies the process of data aggregation, exploration, and curation, and leverages AI for automated data analysis and predictive models. AICURA connects various stakeholders, including biotech firms, healthcare providers, medtech companies, clinical researchers, and Contract Research Organizations (CROs), establishing a comprehensive network for data, technology, and knowledge transfer across the healthcare industry. This ecosystem accelerates scalable data-driven research, expedites and de-risks drug development, improves patient care, and fosters AI-based product innovation, paving the way for better treatmentoptions for patients.

Founded in 2018, the company has developed a data x AI platform. The platform has already been adopted by leading academic institutions for clinical research. By leveraging data x AI, these institutionsare broadening the reach and impact of their research endeavors. These collaborations have secured over 3.5 million euros in research funding for AICURA and its partners, highlighting the company's potential to bring about a data x AI revolution in the fields of healthcare and life sciences.






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Meet Our Team

Daniel Lichterfeld
Founder & CEO
Janis Reinelt, MD, PhD
Konstantin Thierbach, PhD
Head of Technology
Augusta Modestino, PhD
Head of Strategy
We’re always looking for talented people to join us on our mission
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Want to learn more about how AICURA can power your clinical research with data and AI?
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