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AICURA selected finalist in Reuters Pharma 2023 start-up competition

June 1, 2023
We are excited to announce thatwe were selected, among hundreds of start-ups, as finalists in the start-upcompetition at the Pharma 2023 conference held in Barcelona last April. It was an honor for us to showcase the AICURA Platformto biopharma leaders and share the stage with four other innovative start-upsworking on revolutionizing healthcare through technology.

Pharma 2023 is a cross-functional event organized by Reuters. It is the only place where patient experts, leading solution providers, and pharma changemakers commit to business transformation as the catalyst for maximum patient impact. The top fifty pharma companies participated, both big and mid-sized. Many different departments came together: like commercial, real-world evidence, medical affairs, market access, etc.

Pharma 2023 covered a variety of topics on innovation in pharma, some of these included:

  • How to create an omnichannel approach throughout the Pharma´s value chain: integrating various channels to fulfil customers' needs at every touchpoint.
  • Real World Evidence (RWE) benefits: Novartis, Novo Nordisk, and NICE payer discussed how to leverage Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) from real-life settings. The main aspects to focus on were omnichannel communication, early implementation, and collaboration.
  • PRO and how to maximize insights generation: AbbVie emphasized the importance of integrating data from varied sources, including PROs, to gain actionable insights. The talk highlighted how bridging the patient-population gap and focusing on individual patient profiles accurately reflects treatment effects and uncovers data patterns. It also pointed out that collaboration between Pharma and healthcare professionals (HCP) plays a pivotal role in generating RWE insights, and driving better treatment options for patients.
  • Digital transformation: Novartis and Dawn Health shared insights on their collaboration in developing a digital reporting tool for Multiple Sclerosis. Together, they are improving PRO through non-intrusive data collection via machine learning, freeing HCPs time.

Pharma 2023 also hosted a startup contest where solutions providers and startups entered a competition to showcase disruptive innovations in the field. AICURA was selected as one of the 5 finalists among hundreds of applicants. Along with other four finalists, our Head of Strategy, Augusta Modestino, presented AICURA medical and its data x AI platform accelerating clinical research.

© Reuters Pharma 2023

© Reuters Pharma 2023

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