A platform built to transform clinical drug development

Biopharma and healthcare organizations possess vast amounts of valuable data that is siloed and underutilized. The AICURA Platform provides access to multimodal clinical data from various organizations, promoting innovation. The Platform allows biopharma and healthcare organizations to fully leverage the value of their data by providing AI foundational models for complex data, and a wide range of AI solutions to accelerate and de-risk drug development, all while ensuring data interoperability, safety, and security.

Boost your productivity in clinical research with AI Solutions

Use AI to extract valuable insights from clinical data. This fosters a cycle of continuous improvement, where AI drives informed decisions, streamlined processes, and accelerated advancements in clinical research. Uncovering data patterns with AI enables optimal resource allocation, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of your clinical programs.

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Data access across organizations

Access structured and unstructured data from different sources via our scalable infrastructure

Data harmonization and quality control

Harmonize data into a common Data Layer while ensuring data QA & QC with our proprietary machine-learning technologies.

AI Solutions to automate and innovate

Our AI Solutions include automation of image and data analysis pipelines,  biomarker enhancement and identification, and multimodal prediction models

Advanced data insights and reports

Integrate AI Solutions in a scalable environment to accelerate and de-risk clinical programs

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Let our federated data x AI platform accelerate your clinical research
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Our graph-based Data Layer and modular AI Engine allow you to leverage ALL the information contained in medical data
graph-model flexible data model

Graph-based Data Layer

Our Data Layer is designed for seamless integration, offering both technical and semantic interoperability. This enables a unified view of heterogeneous data sources and supports the integration of data and knowledge across all drug development phases, from discovery to post-market.

graph-model flexible data model

Modular AI Engine

Our AI Engine uses a transformer-based architecture to handle the complexities of medical data. We offer foundational models on complex data modalities, which are self-supervised, bypassing any need for expensive training. This allows you to rapidly develop and deploy of powerful AI Solutions, even when limited labeled data is available.

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Benefits of the AICURA Platform
Analysis-ready data

Spend more time on valuable research

In clinical research, data is often spread across organizations, and in many cases incomplete and non-standardized. AICURA enables seamless data consolidation, and curation, and ensures data quality, to reduce by up to 70% the time that clinical data scientists spend on data-engineering-related tasks, reducing costs.

A federate architecture

Centralized access to data across organizations

AI models require lots of data, which in clinical research is spread across organizations, residing in a variety of systems. AICURA improves your access to these datasets without the need to move data, all while protecting your IP, ensuring data privacy, and eliminating the costs of centralizing the data.

A wide range of AI Solutions

Let AI Solutions do the work

AICURA offers you AI solutions that enable you to streamline your data and image analysis workflows. Additionally, we have a ready-to-use AI development kit that empowers you to create a diverse range of medical AI solutions to de-risk your clinical trials. This allows you to adopt innovative data-driven approaches and stay ahead of the curve.

Data security and privacy first

Be in control of data privacy and security

Access to datasets is controlled by every organization, always. Our platform allows you to define data policies and gives you full control of privacy rules that specify which user is permitted to run which analysis on their specific data. This allows for maximizing data usability while protecting the privacy and security of data assets and IP.

The AICURA Platform is designed to maximize clinical data use while preserving data privacy
The AICURA Platform streamlines data access, uses AI to automate analysis pipelines, and allows you to rapidly develop AI Solutions to generate insights that enhance the success rate of your clinical programs.


The AICURA Operating System (AICURA OS), structures and curates data into an interoperable structure making it analysis-ready, and gives you access to an array of AI Solutions to help you accelerate. In the AICURA OS, you can:

  • Integrate data across organizations into our flexible, extendable, and interoperable Data Layer
  • Qualify your complex multimodal medical data
  • Query data across datasets and organizations in a single, user-friendly interface
  • Access and run AI Solutions across your datasets and organizations to optimize your clinical research

Benefits of the AICURA OS include access to our flexible Data Layer that handles complex multimodal data; the ability to query across datasets using a single user interface; no data engineering required to run powerful AI Solutions; a scalable architecture; and compliance to strict data security and privacy rules.


The AICURA Portal enables you to create and deploy a broad range of AI Solutions across organizations, via an easy-to-use AI workbench. With the AICURA Portal, you can:

  • Develop your customized AI Solutions using the AICURA AI workbench
  • Train your AI Solutions on data from partner organizations
  • Deploy and monitor your AI Solutions across various organizations

Benefits of the AICURA Portal include rapid development of your own AI Solutions to accelerate and de-risk your clinical programs; secured data access and deployment of AI Solutions across multiple sites, while respecting data privacy with Federated Learning.

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Accelerate clinical programs using advanced data insights

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